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Lori C in OK
Aug 14, 2021
In Protecting Mother Earth
I found these for sale at Target. I had been using paper towels to wipe counters because here in Oklahoma the humidity would make my dishcloths smell so I was laundering them all the time. I had gotten frustrated so I was so happy to find these. They dry out quickly and wipe well like a paper towel and they have more body so they do well with a cleanser. I've been using them in the kitchen and bathroom. To clean I toss them in the laundry no hotter than warm water without any fabric softener. I've also disinfected them in the microwave. They're even easier than using cotton or microfiber. A pack of 3 was $3.99 or $5.99 at Target.
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Lori C in OK

Lori C in OK

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