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Integrity 11-17-2023
Working to reduce one-use plastic.
In Protecting Mother Earth
Sep 06, 2021
Here are some ideas to consider. Some may be beyond your comfort zone however consider them please. **Bamboo rolls of what would be paper towels. They are washable, reusable and compostable. Bamboo is a renewable, fast growing grass and the product is a good one. Amazon sells a 2 pak. **Make-up pads that are reusable and washable. Can be used to remove make-up as well as to wipe yourself after urinating and avoid some TP use. Use TP for the other elimination. Put in the laundry bag that some provide, wash them, dry and reuse. This could cut TP use for you. **If you have a garden or flower bed start a compost bin on the kitchen counter of compostable food scraps and then into a compost box outside to replenish you ground w/ nutrient dense soil. ***Cloth napkins can be washed whereas paper is tossed and a waste. If possible buy things that are renewable materials and compost is possible. **Buy and use reusable shopping bags. QVC has a brand California Innovations that sells a grouping of regular bags and insulated bags that zip closed and hold foods cold for hours if needed. All have a Bactroban inside lining to kill bacteria. Wipe clean. They are really good for all grocery and other items I have used them for. **Bring a bottle w/ you of your liquid of choice instead of buying drinks or water in plastic bottles. Glass is a good choice and many brands are available. Buy a water filter pitcher or container and refill w/ water as needed through your sipping day. **Consider buying the cloth bags for all the loose vegetables you buy at the grocery. They are lightweight and washable and there is no need to use those flimsy plastic bags that get tossed in the garbage and rarely reused. They have several sizes in a pak. See a variety on Amazon. **Find a shoe cobbler and re-heel and sole your shoes if possible. They can be worn for much longer and keeps waste out of landfills. New heel tips can be bought on Amazon and do it yourself if that is all needed. **Look into light bulbs that have a battery and when light suddenly go out the battery turns the light back on and you will not be in the dark. They also have an end cap that can attach the end of the bulb and make it portable. These are something for safety and they are supposed to last for years. I have them and they work as described so far. Got them on QVC. It stops you from buying so many disposable bulbs that don't last very long. **If you use biodegradable soaps and wash anything in a basin toss it to the plants outside and let them drink instead of just throwing it away. **Look into repurposing wine or glass bottles/jars. They can be candle holders for tapers or a vase for long stem flowers. W/ a glass cutting kit they could be made into glasses or pretty planers or vases to flowers. They can also be building materials as in other countries they use them in the walls of schools by laying them flat so the ends are inside and make layers of them between mud or cement. The multicolored glass lights up the areas in colors. This is recycling at it's best. Could be used to build a part of a greenhouse or as a focal point in the garden. There are also same colored wine bottles used on a tall metal stand w/ many arms branching out that put the bottles on the branches and have color in the garden, the one that was posted had all deep blue bottles on the "tree". They could also be broken up and made into mosaics for table tops or bathroom floors and other places like walls. These are just some of the ideas that can be used to make a contribution to less waste and taking care of the planet by each of us.


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