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I love the prairie. The wide open landscapes. The unobstructed sky. The feeling of the wind rushing through me when I turn and face it, anchoring my bare feet in the soil. I took the picture posted below after spending an amazing afternoon with an author I work with. A woman who lives independently on a "hobby farm" about 30 minutes from me. She raises dairy goats and trains dogs to show in the ring. A benign tumor took her sight when she was a toddler. Like so many Kansans who live off the land, she has grit. She inspires me. She, along with many other strong and wise people, are why I love where I live.

But I also know that life is about change, about growing, about new experiences. And I love the desert. That wonderful "dry heat" stands in start contrast to humid, buggy days. I'm ready for that. I'm ready to connect more closely with the amazing desert people I've met. I'm ready for my next big adventure!

I'm thankful for the experiences I've had in my life so far: meeting my hilarious, brilliant, organized, metaphysical boyfriend at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN when we were 18 and having the wisdom to know we'd have a fun, happy marriage. Raising four sons (Thank you, Jonee, for all the parenting advice along the way!). I appreciate the heartaches that have become lessons. I understand, mostly, I think, the challenges that have made me stronger. I continue to release those weird fears that use to consume me. I work daily to take the time to sit down and meditate! (I am always happy when I do!) And when the seasons permit, I relish the time I spend with my hands in the dirt, working in gardens that I have evidently offered to share with woodland creatures.

And I'm thankful that you are here, shining your Light in this circle, working to help create the world we desire.

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