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An Announcement from Joan's Team​:

After a very brief illness, our dear Jonee has crossed to the Other Side.

In May, she learned that she had pancreatic cancer and that it had metastasized. She immediately and joyfully accepted that she was going Home. And in the early morning on June 30th, 2024, she transitioned peacefully. 

​The announcement of her illness shows us her strength and absolute knowing that our consciousness never dies. Her words are so comforting and inspiring. You can watch her announcement here: 

Before her transition, Jonee made it very clear that she wants The Circle to continue. And we are. Jonee has left us a legacy of hundreds of videos of her teachings, her channeling work, and her books. And of course she has taught us that we are all, in fact, psychic, and before her transition, she promised to "do her best" to keep the lines of communication open!  Our human hearts do need time to heal, but we are listening for direction and are continuing our Circle in new and different ways. We will make more announcements in the the days to come. 

you have the power


Now is the time to expand your abilities & connect with others. Join our spiritual & metaphysical membership community!

Every person needs to find their authentic path

We share truth and knowledge about metaphysical and spiritual subjects in order to increase awareness while also explore our own individual truths and pathways. We promote the concept of unity and oneness in order to create communities of "we" rather than "me."


What does 
The Circle offer?

There are many benefits when joining our membership. Your investment to join The Circle is only $19.99, billed monthly on a recurring basis.


Live group meetings with Joan. Near-weekly virtual meetings on a variety of important topics. Your questions are always welcome!


Unlimited access to  classes! Never miss an event; you can watch the classes at your own pace. 


Monthly Astrology Highlights by Joan. You'll  also receive a personalized Astrology chart & learn how to read it. 


Quarterly private group channelings. An amazing experience, you can participate & ask questions of the collective consciousness Equinoxx!


Access to guided meditations from Joan, interviews with other metaphysical teachers, a movie discussion club & more!


Access to a private forum. You can ask questions, connect with members, & have access to even more content. 


Your investment to join The Circle is

only $19.99 per month

billed monthly on a recurring basis



IMG_5896 (2).jpeg

World-renowned psychic Joan Scibienksi had a near-death experience as a young child that awakened her psychic abilities, and she never shut them off. A professional metaphysical counselor who has connected with thousands of people all over the world, it is her life’s work to help others by sharing information and guidance. 

Joan is a devoted teacher of metaphysical and spiritual information. She strongly believes that each of us have psychic abilities we can uncover and hone. And that awakening is the key to leading our best lives and doing the work our Soul intends us to do. 

As the energies in the planet began to shift so dramatically, Joan felt compelled to create The Circle, a gathering place for education and conversation, helping people become the very best they can be, and in turn, making our planet the wonderful place it is meant to be.

What our members
have to say

"The Circle gives me a place to belong after my husband's death... exploring the metaphysical energy that supports us all is a blessing.

"I have learned so much about honing my psychic abilities... I have connected with others who want to work to improve the planet. They've inspired me!"

"We are all psychic to some extent, and The Circle has allowed me to practice these skills in a safe environment, so they are now accurate."

"There is no question too big of small that doesn't receive an answer that is opening or accepting."


Jonee4A8x10 (003).jpg

"We have an opportunity now to work together with others to make the rest of this decade one that unites us all in hope and the promise of cooperation and sharing all that is good in life.

There are many major astrological events that have occurred and are still occurring that augur a new future filled with love, light, peace, and enlightenment, but those things will not happen without each of us doing our part.

What world do you want to live in? What do you want to leave for future generations? You are creating your legacy now. If you become a part of The Circle, we can work together to make a great legacy for each of us and for the world. I hope you'll join us." 

Joan Scibienski

Take a peak at what we are up to

These are some of the things we've been learning about the past couple of months. Intrigued? Interested in learning more? Contact us or become a member!

  • Monthly Astrology Information

  • Healing from Emotional Pain

  • Discovering Your Animal Totem

  • How to Read Your Astrology Chart

  • A Private Equinoxx Channeling 

  • How to Heal Yourself, Others, the Planet

  • The Importance of Meditation & How to Do It!

  • Dream Interpretation

  • What It Means to be a Light Worker

  • Energy Card Readings

  • Q&A with Joan

  • Releasing Old Pain & Programming

  • Using A Pendulum

Now more than ever, every person needs to find their authentic path. We need to do the work our Soul sent us here to do. We must unlock our power.  We must connect with one another. Learn how to sharpen your innate metaphysical abilities & meet others who share your vision for creating a better world.

The time is now — your future is waiting!


Thanks for your message! We will respond as soon as possible!

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